Monday, March 3, 2014

Tree of Life - Full Movie

In 2012, we decided to mix things up a bit...
We threw in the towel with living in Switzerland and decided to move to South Africa. While in transit, we jumped at the opportunity of not being tied down in any way, deciding to visit BC for a 6 week roadtrip. Somewhat of a pilgrimage to visit the best bike parks and trails.
This is our journey through whistler, pemberton, silver star, sun peaks, kamloops, fernie, nelson, mount washington and of course the north shore.
Our adventures at each of these amazing places can also be found at:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

helter skelter

Kirstenbosch Gardens
On a quick day trip to Cape Town, Barbs and I went hiking up Table Mountain. We started in the lovely Kirstenbosch Gardens and up Skeleton Gorge to one of the Reservoirs up there.
Steep, steep, steep through the beautiful forest and up the ladders to finally see the view over False Bay.

wild at kirstenbosch

It was a stunning day in August, and after dropping off Pete at the airport I stopped at Kirstenbosch Gardens on the way to Hout Bay. The light was amazing and the views of the fresh snow on the peaks were incredible.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

a roadtrip: episode 2

behind us the high speed gully which Elite riders race through with 70km/h
So we arrived in Pietermaritzburg for the Masters World Championships downhill race. Being held in South Africa made it a once in a lifetime opportunity. After watching a few Downhill World Cup races on TV over the years, we never thought that we would actually be at a race. And definitely not to participate! But thanks to Paul and his constant nagging , we eventually did sign up and here we were feeling a bit out of our depths.

a roadtrip: episode 1

yes please
How did this all begin?
It all began months ago, with the idea of a race, which seemed meaningless. But as time passed, everything seemed to make more sense: a roadtrip across the country to PMB, followed by a holiday in Durban sounded like a great idea.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013